You may remember the photos of Sean Penn resembling a Robert Smith-like ’80s goth-rock star in director Paolo Sorrentino’s This Must Be the Place, which The Weinstein Co. acquired last September several months after its premiere at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Well, the distributor has finally set a Nov. 2, 2012 release date for the drama, about a faded rock star (Penn) who takes up his dying father’s search for a former Nazi who once did his father wrong in a WWII concentration camp.

Fellow Oscar winner Frances McDormand plays Penn’s significant other. This Must Be the Place is the first English-language film for Sorrentino, an Italian filmmaker who may be best known for 2008’s Il Divo, a biopic of Italian politician Giulio Andriotti that earned an Oscar nomination for Best Makeup in 2010.

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