Jeff Jensen is on vacation this week, possibly still recovering from our 90-minute Dark Knight Rises breakdown last week. But don’t worry, listeners, Entertainment Geekly has got a special treat for you! Joining me this week is special guest star Keith Staskiewicz, hotshot EW reporter, cinephile, and basket case. Our main topic was supposed to be a look back at the greatness of the original Verhoeven/Schwarzenegger action classic Total Recall, but then we started talking about Peter Jackson’s decision to turn The Hobbit into six trilogies and a quartet, and things took a turn for the serious. Listen to the complete podcast below, or check us out in the iTunes store.

Do you also love Total Recall? Are you suspicious of all the Hobbitses? Do you want to see Keith’s head on a stick, Bush-style? Tweet me at @EWDarrenFranich. Keith’s also on Twitter, but with a common name like Staskiewicz, there’s no way you’ll ever find him.

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