Kanye West isn’t the only rapper who can boast about graduation.

In a new interview with Canadian magazine Now, Drake revealed what his summer calendar will look like once he’s done throwing his hometown of Toronto a new music festival, OVO Fest.

“I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school,” he said, hopefully while one-strapping his Jansport backpack and frantically rustling through his Trapper Keeper. (Music Mix sat alone at the cafeteria.)

“I only have one credit left,” Drake added. “I’m really excited about that.”

And we are too! After all, we all basically went to high school with him for so many years.

But Drizzy isn’t waiting until he gets his diploma to apply his critical skills. The “HYFR” star also offered his opinions on the current state of his genre. “Surface R&B doesn’t work any more,” he told Now. “The whole heartthrob thing, songs about unrealistic love and tearing your shirt off every show — that’s not really where it’s at any more. It’s becoming harder for those guys to sell records, and harder for them to succeed.”

Continued Drake, “The more you can tap into people’s minds — ‘I think that stuff and I’ve just never been able to say it, and this guy just said it for me’ — that’s the brand of music that’s winning right now, and that’s a great thing. It just makes for better music to listen to.”He didn’t name names in the piece, but the popularity of artists like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd are certainly proof-positive of Drake’s theories (as are the declining sales of, say, Usher.)Readers, do you agree with Drake? Or do you think he needs to get re-educated?

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