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Thanks to Britney, Dan, and Janelle all pressing the giant “Reset” button, the “Big Brother” coaches officially entered the game last night, saving both Frank and Joe from eviction. But was the twist fair? Why didn’t Mike Boogie vote to enter the game? And will the former coaches now form an alliance? We asked host Julie Chen those very questions and more in this week’s Q&A.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Julie, let’s start with the big twist. Letting the coaches enter the game surely shakes things up, but in terms of fairness, doesn’t that also mean that the returning players basically had immunity for the first month of the season? If I were one of the new players, that would drive me crazy.

JULIE CHEN: Not really, because had Danielle gotten bounced last week it would have meant bye bye Dan and he would have been right there next to her on the bench talking to me on eviction night.

Why do you think Mike Boogie chose not to press the reset button? Does he view himself as too much of a target to win or did he like his players’ chances that much?

I think it could be that he saw his chances of winning 100 Gs looking way better than winning the whole enchilada. He must know he will have the biggest target on his back as a lone player. He’s just given his playbook to Ian, Frank and Jenn so his “word” will mean nothing with those three and the rest of the house might be rooting against him. On the other hand, he’s so cagey that I can see him doing that just so he looks like the good guy who isn’t going to steal a newbie’s dream of winning Big Brother away from him/her…and he KNEW someone else would vote for it…like Janelle…let HER be the dream crusher.

Do you think the returning players now align with each other or team up with the players they were coaching?

I think Mike and Dan will team up. It’s male ego and they only stand a chance against each other in the final two…they probably feel like the jury will not give it to someone who has already won. I see Janelle going solo because that’s who she is…a gamer who will partner with who she needs to from week to week to serve her end game. I feel like Britney will try to team up with another former coach…probably Dan…and he could string her along for a while, but ultimately he will probably not be someone she can count on in the end. Not because he’s a bad guy, but because he is a gamer and will question if he can beat her in the final two because he already won it once and the jury may hold that against him.

I didn’t think anyone could talk any louder in the diary room than Dan. But then we met Hayden Moss. Then I didn’t think anyone could talk any louder in the diary room than Hayden Moss. But then we met Joe. Why is he always yelling? Even when he’s not angry he’s yelling! Now I’m yelling! What is going on?!?

You tell me!!! Now I’M YELLING!!! I was wondering the same thing. It must be the fact that he’s a chef and probably yells all day long in the kitchen like the Gordon Ramsays of the world. And then, he has 4 kids so he’s probably yelling when he gets home trying to be heard! Please excuse me while I take a deep breath and meditate now. I am exhausted from yelling.

Poor Ian looks like he’s about to have a heart attack in that house. Is that what three weeks of slop will do to a person?

I think this is Ian’s version of Disneyland. He is a kid in a candy shop who cannot believe he is living the dream. I think the more we crank up the heat the happier he is. He wants the excitement and drama of it all. I love his enthusiasm. He is probably still pinching himself.

I’ve saved the most important question for last: When will we see the Zingbot 3000 again? Does the Chenbot have some intel on her fellow bot?

Truth be told, the Chenbot was growing oddly jealous of the Zingbot and his silly, witty antics…and jealous of his popularity. I know, I know, you’re thinking, feelings from the Chenbot? How can that be? But yes…Chenbot felt she couldn’t compete and had to “take care” of the Zingbot. Zing is now in a scrap metal junk yard with R2D2 in a galaxy far far away. Seriously, I don’t know…but would love to see him back Zinging out shots at the Houseguests!

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