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August 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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During the 21 years that passed between the end of the original Dallas series and the premiere of version 2.0, countless fashion trends have come and gone…and come back again. We’re still hoping to see Sue Ellen pull a few ’80s outfits out of her closet — if she held on to the clothes she wore back then, she’s got a treasure trove of vintage Armani! — but when it comes to the next generation of South Fork women, skinny jeans are the new shoulder pads.

“[Elena] is drilling for oil most of the time, so her style is pretty low maintenance,” says Jordana Brewster, whose character spends as much time chasing alternative energy sources as she does causing tension between Christopher and John Ross. “She does the jeans and boots look.” 

We reached out to the show’s costume designer, Rachel Sage Kunin, to get the details on Elena’s look and discovered that the character often wears AG Jeans. “Denim is an inherent part of Dallas,” says Kunin, who tells us that Elena wore a style called  The Stilt in last night’s episode. “AG uses a blend of twill and stretch fabric so they work on all body types.”

Elena’s got good jeans, but does Brewster long for her character to have an over-the-top fashion moment that’s reminiscent of the original series? “Those kinds of scenes would be fun. I hope they write them in,” the actress admits. “Some designers have come up to me and said, ‘We want to dress you on the show.’ But there haven’t been any crazy party scenes yet.”

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