Credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

By now you’re familiar with gymnast Gabrielle Douglas — sometimes known as the “Flying Squirrel.” You watched her and her American teammates earn gold in the team competition and tonight, NBC will air the all-around, where Gabby goes for an individual gold*. Her sparkling personality shines through in her events, but we wanted to know what her pop culture obsessions are. Gabby obliged, letting EW in on some of her favorite things.

She’s into both Twilight and The Hunger Games: “You get sucked into the [stories] immediately and I just love it.”

She’s a huge rap fan: “I love listening to Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Eminem to get me fired up! (Clean versions of course.) I listen to music before we start competing. When I’m cooling down, I like to listen to Natalie Grant or Fred Hammond. Gospel music always relaxes me and calms my nerves.”

Her dream celebrity encounter: “The Queen! I would really really love to meet her. That would be so cool.”

How Make It or Break It resonated with her: “Even though it’s over now, it was kind of a lot like my life. The timing was really kind of perfect to my training and what I was doing in real life so it was really cool to watch that show on TV at the same time. I was kind of like, ‘Hey, that’s like me!'”

On her infamous Dougie: “I wanted everyone to see my happy dance.”

*Yes, we know it’s already happened, but we won’t spoil it for those who don’t know the results!