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Royal Pains‘ fourth season continues tonight with an episode directed by star Mark Feuerstein. But while wearing multiple hats can (and does!) make for some busy days, the actor, who also is a favorite recurring co-host on Live! with Kelly, took some time to peek into his iPod for MusicMix.

Read below for his top five picks — and some highly entertaining stories.

1. “Lady in Red,” Chris de Burgh. “In college we had a roommate from the Caribbean who cranked this song on full blast all day-everyday. Finally I knocked on his door and said ‘Lyndon, how can you listen to that song 24 hours a day/7 days a week?’ His response, ‘Mark, man, how can I not?’

2. “This Year’s Love,” David Gray. “This was my wife’s and my song for the early years of our relationship. We loved the song, until I listened to the lyrics and thought he said, ‘This year’s love will never last.’ But he sings, ‘This year’s love, it better last.’ And it has.”

3. “Bouncing Round the Room” by Phish. “When you’re a sophomore in college in a common room with ten guys, candles and a lava lamp, what song could be better?”

4. “Rainbow Connection,” Kermit of The Muppets. “Sitting in the balcony of El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. with my 5-year-old daughter Lila on my lap, watching The Muppets — her first movie all the way through without running out of the theater — was a moment I will never forget. Fine, yes, I got a little teary, if you must know.”

5. “Shake Your Rump,” Beastie Boys. “When that song came on, me and my boys from college [used to] have to stop everything and sing every word. We did the white man’s overbite and some popping and locking. There’s no better song to jam and sing to. The Beastie Boys rule and are — and have been for decades — the cutting edge of hip-hop.”

“Manimal,” directed by Feuerstein, airs tonight on USA.

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