By Lynette Rice
August 01, 2012 at 05:03 PM EDT

As Dish subscribers can attest, the satellite company has yet to resolve its dispute with AMC Networks about restoring the signal to the home of The Walking Dead — so the zombies have decided to act.

In this You Tube video, the undead are let loose on the streets of New York City to remind folks that, well, they don’t belong on the streets of New York City. By video’s end, one zombie is dragging a Dish satellite.

Dish, which has more than 14 million subscribers, dropped all of the AMC nets at the end of June after the two sides failed to sign a new carriage agreement. Dish has said that low ratings on IFC and WE, in particular, didn’t justify the high rates that AMC Nets wants to continue charging. AMC, however, believes the blackout has less to do with a carriage dispute and more to do with an ongoing lawsuit between the two companies that involves a bunch of high-definition channels that no longer exist.

Dead heads shouldn’t have to worry just yet, as the new season doesn’t begin until Oct. 14.

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