By Hillary Busis
August 01, 2012 at 06:22 PM EDT

Jeff Daniels has mastered many skills: gross-out comedy, Sorkinian speechifying, not harming those who confuse him with Dave Coulier. And that’s not all: Last night on Conan, the chameleonic actor revealed that he’s also an ace songwriter — as well as one of the (presumably) few people who can rib Clint Eastwood and live to tell the tale.

In 2002, Daniels co-starred in Eastwood’s thriller Blood Work. But as Daniels reveals in the video below, the Newsroom star and the squinty multihyphenate shared a deep bond even before they worked together. Apparently, Eastwood once told Daniels that he loved Dumb and Dumber… and that he had experienced something very similar to the movie’s famous bathroom scene. Daniels follows this story by performing a tune inspired by his role in Blood Work — and while the song is funny, it’d be tough to top the news that even Hollywood royalty can be felled by bad shellfish. Check out Daniels’ ditty (and his mind-boggling tale) after the jump.

For the correct video, click on Playlist in the lower left-hand corner of the YouTube screen and scroll to the second Jeff Daniels clip.

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