Gabriels Inferno

Every day brings news of more and more projects hanging onto Fifty Shades of Grey‘s coattails (or cat o’nine tails).

You can’t blame any of the bandwagon-jumpers, though. E L James’ S&M trilogy is quickly joining the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games in terms of sales, and Amazon UK has reported that the books have become the best-selling books in the website’s 14-year history, overtaking the Harry Potter series in just four months.

So here’s what’s going on in the world of Fifty Shades.

++ Another writer of Twilight fanfiction has nabbed a big seven-figure book deal and 500,000-copy first printing from Penguin’s Berkley imprint. Gabriel’s Inferno, penned by a mysterious author who uses the pseudonyms Sylvain Reynard and Sebastien Robichaud, tells the story of a Dante scholar who seduces a “sweet and innocent” graduate student with his dark, sophisticated charm.

++ Warner Bros. has acquired the screen rights to Beautiful Disaster, the self-published, college-set romance written by Jamie McGuire. The book has been called Fifty Shades for the YA set, but the synopsis of the book doesn’t sound any less intense:

++ Don’t forget the many, many book parodies: Fifty Shames of Earl Gray, about a seductive tycoon who must get past his 50 hang-ups; and Fifty Shades of Louisa May, long stashed away in the Little Women author’s Massachusetts cabin.

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