Snoop Dogg
Credit: C Flanigan/

Nope, it’s not (just) the smoke in the air that’s making your head feel funny.

Snoop Dogg really did say he’s the reincarnation of Bob Marley on Monday at a New York press conference for Reincarnated, his upcoming reggae album, documentary, and photography book of the same name. (Rohan Marley was on hand to give his blessing, though, so positive vibes, everybody!)

The announcements didn’t stop there. Snoop, who is releasing the three-part project under the name Snoop Lion, says he was instructed to make the album by a higher power. No, not that higher power — the holy spirit itself. And when the spirit tells you to make a reggae album, you listen. So Snoop did what any aspiring reggae star in the hip hop world would do — he went to Jamaica and teamed up with Diplo of dancehall crossover project Major Lazer and various other extracurricular activities to make a whole album.

You can listen to first single “La La La” to get a taste of Reincarnated, but soon you’ll be able to see how it all came together: Snoop’s other announcement was that he captured his spiritual and musical journey on video. Vice Media traveled to Jamaica with him, and their full-length documentary chronicling the making of the album and Snoop’s exploration of Rastafarian culture is an official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Snoop has some hash words for his rap career in the Reincarnated trailer (the three most succinct being “F— Snoop Dogg”) and professed that he was “tired of rap.” Snoop says he wanted to make a real reggae album, one he could perform for kids and grandparents, so for now he’s on hiatus from dropping it like it’s hot.

Still, he swears he hasn’t sworn off the rap game for good: “I could never become Snoop Lion if I wasn’t Snoop Dogg.”

Watch the trailer for Reincarnated here: