Today is kind of a big day in Harry Potter world.

It’s the Boy Who Lived’s birthday (not to mention J.K. Rowling’s!) and, as even Muggles know, July 31 was also the day Hagrid broke down a door and was all, “You’re a wizard, Harry,” kicking off the whole saga.

July 31 will now also be known as the day Potter fans are faced with a choice more daunting than whether or not to trust Snape: whether or not to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a very special collection set. Warner Bros. announced today that on September 7, they will release a brand-new 31-Disc Collection.

According to the press release:

So, basically what this is telling me is that despite the fact that I’ve loyally bought all the special-edition DVDs over the years, if I want to see a J.K. Rowling interview with the screenwriter (Yes!) and a Daniel Radcliffe montage (Definitely!) — in addition to even more footage, and of course all the films– I’m going to need to shell out $499.99? Really?

It was bad enough that some features have been restricted to just the Blu-ray for Deathly Hallows. Now it appears even buying the Blu-rays isn’t enough to get all the footage. In addition to the movies, the set also includes a blueprint poster of Hogwarts castle, sketch prints from the production designer, and a Horcrux locket prop, which I would happily wear every single day, negative curse effects or not.

This unfairness is Fred dying all over again (Five years later, and still too soon).

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