Were you a little bit confused by that Cloud Atlas trailer? Did all the time-hopping make you dizzy? Was the combination of different genres perplexing? Are you wondering if there will be different action figures for Blonde-Wig Tom Hanks and Eyepatch Tom Hanks? Well, the directors of Cloud Atlas released an introductory video. It doesn’t really explain anything, but it’s still a lot of fun — especially considering that this video marks the first official appearance by Lana Wachowski (previously Larry), joined by equally secretive sibling Andy and their collaborator Tom Tykwer.

The directors talk about their love for David Mitchell’s novel, and even discuss the film’s fraught production. The three filmmakers keep finishing each other’s sentences, almost as if they’re speaking with one voice, as if all humanity is joined together in common unity, one Over-soul, within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other, that common heart. In short, precisely the same themes Peter Berg explored in Battleship. Watch the video and ponder:

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