We’re only two weeks in and already things are getting out of hand on Bachelor Pad. The great thing about this season is how much things have changed and will continue to change with every coming week. As soon as Paige and SWAT said their goodbyes, I expected everyone to just go to bed and get rested for the next competition — but not this group. The twins, Erica and Brittany, had been after each other all week, and no one really knew why. It was pretty clear that if these two girls didn’t calm down, they were on a path to self-destruction. More on that later.

With the Summer Olympics in London upon us, we could think of no better way to get into the spirit than with rhythmic gymnastics. When everyone came running out to the front of the mansion, their jaws dropped. The gymnasts were amazing, and our contestants knew they were going to really have to work hard to get even close to this level of performance. Once the group split off into guys and girls, it became pretty clear who the frontrunners were and who was going to struggle not to fall on their faces.

Michael, with his background in dancing, clearly proved to be the leader and really took the reins, even helping choreograph the guys’ dance. With all the superfans on the chopping block, again, David really tried to bring it — and let me tell you, he was determined — but Michael “Twinkle Toes” Stagliano managed to pull it off again. Continuing their unspoken feud, Reid and Ed valiantly battled to be the worst, and they both almost succeeded, though in the end, Ed won out in that category.

With the girls it was less clear cut. Donna the fan had probably the most extensive background, but Jamie and Blakeley really stepped up their game. Erica, meanwhile, just prayed that someone would either get hurt or pass out so she wouldn’t end up in last place. But I’ll tell you this, Erica Rose knows exactly who she is and she never acts like anyone else. What you see is what you get. And what you got in this case was a trainwreck worth watching twice. Somehow, Blakeley took the lead, smiled a lot, and never looked back, taking the rose with her.

But let’s just take a second to discuss the girls’ performance. I know it looked bad, but to be perfectly honest, it was even worse in person. They all looked like newborn giraffes, just blindly stumbling into each other. They were so bad, at one point, I started to wonder if it was all just an elaborate joke being played on our guests, the lovely Ashley, J.P., and even our guest judge, an actual Olympic medalist. So, to all the athletes currently competing in London, I only have one thing to say: On behalf of Bachelor Nation, I’m truly and deeply sorry. Carry on.

Michael got the first date and I think you can see that he is true to his word when he said he is here for love and not the money. It’s pretty clear that there is a connection building between him and Rachel, and watching that unfold should be very interesting. Michael and the girls had a great time rocking out with Adelitas Way, and it was one of those big Bachelor dates that fans like Donna had never gotten to go on before. A great night all around.

Things really started getting interesting when Blakeley decided to take David the fan on her date with Chris and Ed. It was a bold move and you can tell that Blakeley’s relationship with Chris is getting stranger by the minute. Chris seems to be playing Jamie and Blakeley against each other and, at the moment, seems to feel like he has them in the palm on his hand. The question is how long can you keep that up when you’re all living under the same roof?

As you can see, this is the wildest season of Bachelor Pad yet, and Ed may not be running the game, but he is currently running the party. He did say he was coming here to have a great time and he is definitely making the most of his time in the Pad.

Now, let’s get back to the twins. I have to say in 10 years of this franchise, I have never seen a longer, weirder, more drawn-out, and ridiculous exit than that of Brittany and Erica. They literally were fighting and screaming at each other for about four hours. Because they are operating as one person, if one of them quits, the other has to also, so after several hours of screaming and crying and name-calling and general insanity, they finally packed their bags and left. And for the first time since they moved into Bachelor Pad, everyone took out their earplugs.

Because of the unforeseen departure, only one man was set to go at the rose ceremony.

This night proves that nothing is definite in Bachelor Pad. As the night started, everyone knew that David was leaving, but within moments of opening the vote, the only two names on the chopping block were Ed and Ryan. Ed and his alliance was quick to offer up Ryan, who thought he had friends on his side. Ryan did not take it well. He had been nice to everyone, including his partner Jamie, but niceness isn’t always enough in this game. Things are going to get even crazier from here on out, believe me.

On a personal note, thank you all for the birthday messages. I wish I could respond to all of them, but I’m really lucky to get to hear from so many of you, so thanks again. That’s it for this week, but until then, find me @chrisbharrison and read new blogs from our Bachelor Pad 3 contestants for even more behind-the-scenes thoughts.

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