With an all-star cast to rival such ensemble rom-coms as Mamma Mia or New Years Eve, the trailer for The Big Wedding arrived online today. Written and directed by Justin Zackham (The Bucket List), the movie features Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton as a couple who have to pretend to be happily married after a bitter divorce. This is because their adopted Chilean son’s biological mother is attending his marriage and doesn’t believe in divorce. If you think that’s a lot to keep straight, there’s also Katherine Heigl, no stranger to a rom-com, playing their exasperated daughter, and British actor Ben Barnes playing the adopted son who is preparing to wed Amanda Seyfried. No doubt Susan Sarandon will be stealing scenes as De Niro’s current love interest. The cast is rounded out by Topher Grace and Robin Williams. If the trailer below is any indication, I predict the film contains a reaction shot from one of those pug-dogs quizzically turning its head to the side and a scene where the Chilean mother says “Dios Mio!”

A release date is set for October.

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