Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Expect to see more of U.S. swimmer Rebecca Soni’s Kellogg’s commercial today as she goes for gold in the 100m breaststroke final, and on Aug. 2, when she tries to repeat her 200m breaststroke gold from Beijing. If you’re wondering what she actually eats for breakfast –make that breakfasts — she has two. “The real breakfast is first. Before practice, I usually have a bowl of cereal with some chopped up fruit in there and some coffee. I like to mix up the cereal. So Special K Granola with some Raisin Bran, or Corn Flakes with Special K Granola,” she told EW before leaving for London. And the second breakfast? “It’s more like a brunch,” she said. “Usually some eggs and toast and some tomatoes and veggies.”

As for what will make her finals good TV, if you recall that 200m breaststroke win in Beijing, her answer should be no surprise: “I’m usually a second-half swimmer, so knock on wood, it’s where it’s usually a little more interesting.” And what does she hope NBC’s cameras won’t capture her doing in London? Having any sort of wardrobe malfunction (something her boyfriend, fellow U.S. swimmer Ricky Berens, learned about in 2009). “Those straps get really tight on our shoulders, so usually before we race, I’ll have them pulled down off my arms, just to give the shoulders a rest,” Soni said. “It’s pretty hard to get them back on, so hopefully there’s no cameras around while I’m doing that, because it’s pretty difficult to do in public.”

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