Credit: Todd Oren/Getty Images

As we reported earlier today, Peter Jackson announced that he will split his version of The Hobbit into three separate movies, instead of the originally planned two. We know that Jackson is using more than the original book as source material — JRR Tolkien later added over hundred pages of additional appendices to expand The Hobbit world. But will there really be enough material to justify three movies?

Jackson made the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a one book to one film ratio. However, since each tome blitzed the 100,000 word mark — The Fellowship of the Ring has177,227 words, The Two Towers has 143,436 words, and The Return of the King has 134,462 — there was more than enough descriptive ingredients for the director. Can Jackson legitimize his second trilogy with The Hobbit‘s much slender 95,022 word count? Even with the extra pages from Tolkien, it’s hard to imagine.