Joe Taslim
Credit: Akhirwan Nurhaidir

Fast Six

The next Fast & Furious film still doesn’t have an official title — for the sake of argument, let’s call it Live Fast, Die Six — but the casting process continues unabated. And whereas 2011’s mega-grossing Fast Five played out as a kind of all-star-team reunion special, the next film is compiling an impressive roster of cred-enhancing global talents. Variety reports that Indonesian actor Joe Taslim is the latest performer cast in the movie. Who is Joe Taslim, you ask? The star of The Raid: Redemption, the gloriously ultraviolent tower-of-terror action movie which tore up indie screens earlier this year.

Taslim joins a cast that already includes Gina Carano, badass-chick star of the terminally underrated Haywire, and Luke Evans, who played Zeus in the gory Immortals and could be the next-big-Viggo in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. Fast favorites Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez will also return. Basically, this movie is just one Milla Jovovich casting rumor away from becoming the Valentine’s Day of B-flick action movies, and there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

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