By James Hibberd
July 30, 2012 at 08:39 PM EDT
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Showtime’s The Big C is getting (a little) more life. The network has renewed the drama for a fourth short-order season. Showtime will wrap up the drama with four one-hour episodes.

That’s one of several interesting bits of news about Showtime’s programs coming out of the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Beverly Hills on Monday.

The Big C stars Laura Linney as a suburban wife and mother with cancer. The show’s recent third season finale divided fans, with Linney’s character Cathy deciding to abandon her family. So this little pickup should come as welcome news to fans who were unsatisfied with that twist. “We would not be happy if this is the ending,” executive producer Elizabeth Bick recently said. “I think we owe our audience and ourselves the chance to see this through. We still have a lot more story to tell.”

As for some of Showtime’s other series:

Weeds: Showtime entertainment president David Nevins announced that another of its concluding dark comedies will air its two-part series finale on Sept. 16. “I’ve read the final [Weeds] script, it answers a lot of questions,” Nevins said. (More on Weeds final season).

Dexter season seven is, of course, a “game changer” now that Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and discovered her brother’s (Michael C. Hall) secret. The executive reiterated the show will likely conclude after eight seasons, but that the plan could also change depending on how the narrative progresses. “Everything has gotten rewired this year in a very interesting way,” Nevins said. “Debra has to deal with who her brother is and everything changes.” (I just watched the Dexter premiere btw — directed by John Dahl, it hits the ground running; far superior to any episode from the contrived and lackluster sixth season).

Homeland season two starts a tad slower than last year’s electrifying pilot. But Nevins assures the second episode is really strong and “you’re [thinking] ‘holy shit’ by the third.”

The Borgias will probably conclude after its fourth season — assuming it gets a fourth season — but nothing is certain yet. “The original plan was four seasons,” he said. “They’re shooting season three. That’s still the likely thing, but I haven’t ordered season four and who’s to say we wont try to do one more.”

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