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July 28, 2012 at 01:00 PM EDT

With the men’s gymnastics underway today in London, the women prepare to take center stage on Sunday. Tim Daggett, a member of the 1984 gold-medal winning men’s U.S. team who’s calling his sixth Olympics for NBC, recalls well Kerri Strug’s vault that clinched the team gold in 1996. “As soon as she landed, I knew she did something on her first vault. As she’s walking back, she’s shaking out her ankle. I’m thinking, ooh, this doesn’t look good. The most punishing thing on your ankle in gymnastics is vault. I remember thinking if there is a person in this arena that’s tough enough to run down and do that second vault, she’s it. And she was. I knew watching it this is an Olympic moment that will live forever.”

Which Olympic moments do you not want to miss in London? We asked Daggett to pick them. Sneak a peek below.


U.S. athlete: McKayla Maroney. I’d be absolutely shocked if she doesn’t win the Olympics on vault. She does a vault, an Amanar, named after the Romanian gymnast who did it first. My guess is there’ll only be about six to eight of them performed at the Olympics because it’s so hard. All of the world has been trying to catch up to the Americans on vaulting. The Americans have a ton of people who can do this. Some of the other countries, maybe they’ve got one, possibly they could have two, but it’s just making it, and hers is like magic.

World athlete: Oksana Chusovitina from Germany. She’s 37-years-old, this will be her sixth Olympic Games, and she’s had a child. It’s unthinkable to be 37, in your sixth Olympic Games, and to be competing in women’s gymnastics — and she’s gonna win a medal.

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