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Step Up Revolution

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For the second weekend in a row, The Dark Knight Rises will top the box office, but it’s falling much faster than industry insiders expected. Perhaps those Olympic opening ceremonies, which were watched by a record number of people, are to blame?

The $250 million Warner Brothers film dropped 76 percent from its first Friday to $18.1 million, which should lead to a $60 million weekend. After eight days, Rises has grossed $243.1 million total. For comparison, The Dark Knight fell 65 percent on its second Friday to $23.2 million, giving it an eight-day total of $261.8 million. That film went on to have a $75.2 million sophomore weekend.

Step Up Revolution, Summit’s $33 million sequel, found itself in second place with $4.9 million on Friday, though it may fall to third by Sunday night. Back in 2010, Step Up 3-D garnered $6.7 million on its first Friday en route to a $15.8 million debut. The same trajectory puts Step Up Revolution on pace for an $11.6 million weekend.

Third place proves that at the box office, the cachet of movie stars doesn’t always mean much, as the Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/Jonah Hill comedy The Watch wasn’t watched by many at all. The $68 million Fox film shot up a weak $4.5 million — right in the same range as Adam Sandler’s similarly reviled R-rated comedy That’s My Boy, which started with $4.6 million on its way to a $13.5 million debut earlier this year. The Watch should also finish the weekend with just above $13 million. A major disappointment.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Ice Age Continental Drift, which found $4 million, and Ted, which took in another $2.2 million. The films may finish the weekend with $13 million and $7 million, respectively.

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $18.1 million

2. Step Up Revolution – $4.9 million

3. The Watch – $4.5 million

4. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $4.0 million

5. Ted – $2.2 million

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