Is there any situation that isn’t better with some Hamm?

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis together, promoting their new movie The Campaign on The Daily Show last night, is already pretty great. But when Jon Stewart started lobbing easy questions at the comedians, like about pranks and hanging out together on set, the duo got faux-offended.

Outraged at Stewart for phoning in an interview, things got real awkward, real quick. Luckily, Stewart summoned an ally: One Mr. Jon Hamm. Hamm, barring a surprise cameo, is not in the movie — he just always seems to be around. Is it “Great Instigator” Hamm’s not-so-secret goal to take over all of TV? If so, I’m definitely okay with that.

And as Will Ferrell explained, “When you bring a Jon Hamm into a situation, things just happen.”

Watch things happen — complete with a Stewart Interviewing Intervention — below:

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