With the London Summer Games getting under way, EW asked a slew of stars which event they're most looking forward to watching. From gymnastics to basketball to track and field, we give all their answers a perfect 10.

Hugh Jackman: ”I’m an Olympic junkie,” Hugh Jackman said at the Tropfest short-film festival in New York City. ”I don’t normally watch a lot of boxing, but Olympic boxing is the most exciting there is. I love the weight lifting. I love swimming. I love track — I was a high jumper in school. I watch it all! It’s ridiculous.”

The Dark Knight RisesGary Oldman at the film’s NYC premiere: ”I like the 100 meters. Because I just want to know who’s the fastest person in the world.”

Psych‘s Dulé Hill, whose family is from Jamaica: ”I am definitely looking forward to the men’s 100-meter. Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, 1-2-3 — it’s gonna be one for the ages. There’s no better place to watch this race besides the island of Jamaica, and that’s exactly where I plan to be.”

Joe Manganiello: ”I like the decathlon,” said True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello at the L.A. premiere of Magic Mike. ”I think it is such a great test of a real, true athlete. They aren’t just good at one sport, they are good at 10 of them, and that is an impressive feat.”

DamagesRose Byrne at NYC’s Tropfest: ”I quite like the gymnastics. The concentration that’s required on those tiny bars and beams is inspiring — and exhausting.”

Grimm‘s David Giuntoli at EW’s Comic-Con party in San Diego: ”The javelin, man! That javelin always gets me. It’s just a big spear. It’s just the greatest event of all time. Useless, but great.”

Mark Feuerstein: ”Women’s gymnastics,” said Royal Pains‘ Mark Feuerstein. ”When Kerri Strug stuck the landing after that vault to put the American team over the top in Atlanta ’96, even I got a little misty. Okay, I was sobbing on my couch like [Dominique] Moceanu in 2000. Those girls are so young and so determined.”

Robot Chicken‘s Seth Green, celebrating the 100th issue of the Walking Dead comic in San Diego: ”The diving and the gymnastics always blow my mind.”

Alex Pettyfer at the L.A. premiere of Magic Mike: ”Swimming. Secretly I want Michael Phelps to win big again, even though I’m British. I am going against my own country, but that guy is so easy to root for. He’s a beast.”

Chris Daughtry: ”I’ve always been a fan of gymnastics,” Chris Daughtry told EW at the NYC premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. ”As a kid I taught myself how to do backflips and everything, so I always thought that I could do that, but it just never happened.”

Swizz Beatz: ”I just spoke to Melo [a.k.a. Carmelo Anthony],” said Swizz Beatz at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. ”He’s in Vegas preparing with the basketball team — and I always enjoy watching him do his thing. The Olympics are amazing. It’s like watching one of the Marvel movies. Those athletes have super-human powers.”