Credit: CBS

What a week! First, Willie Hantz gets booted for, well, acting like an idiot and getting violent with a housemate. And now “America” gets to choose whether the coaches can join the game as players. The first one we didn’t see coming. The second? Well, any longtime viewer could have told you that would happen. Sorry, shouldn’t speak as if it’s a done deal. Surely there are people in “America” who don’t want to see fan favorites Janelle, Brittany, Dan, and Boogie enter the game. Right? Crickets? At least one fan is looking forward to the coaches turning into players and her name is Julie Chen.

You think the coaches will come in, right?

I can’t imagine America doesn’t want it. I think if it happens it’s going to really turn the heat on. One thing that happens every year is that paranoia sets in. And now suddenly your former coach will turn out to be your competitor. Or as a coach you’ll have to wonder what strategy tips did you give to your former player. You’re going to see the mind games really begin, especially from the former players because they know how to play the mind games and how to beat the mind games.

Do you think the coaches will dominate?

I don’t know. Ultimately I think it’s going to be good for the newbies because the house guests until now could conveniently hide behind the coaches and not play the game. The house got emotional very quickly. But now I think we’re going to see the game playing start.

Did I miss an episode? Since when are Janelle and Boogie besties?

It happened very quickly. First Janelle approached Dan and then Janelle approached Boogie. I remember thinking Janelle was smart because she started to see cracks in Brittany’s team. But she’s also smart because she knows not to completely trust Boogie.

I worry about Janelle once the coaches enter the game. What is Boogie plays her?

Hopefully she has learned her lesson. The problem last time was that she kind of had a crush on Will. That clouded her judgment. I want to believe she’s learned from her mistakes. She’s a married woman now and a mom. That is going to keep her on the right course. Now she’s fighting for her child and the money. That’s life changing money.

Speaking of Dr. Will, did you love seeing him again? And please discuss your thoughts on his wrinkle-free forehead.

I love how crazy he is. He’s so funny and so wrong but yet so good. I’ve gotten past the whole ‘I don’t know what he’s done to his skin.’ Already on All-Stars I felt like he’d done too much. He has this way of coming up with the most clever yet mean yet funny things. But he does it with charm which makes you like him but hate yourself for liking him. It’s like Chilltown is Jonestown. Eighty percent of me thinks he’s making a joke and twenty percent of me thinks he’s kind of a psycho.

What did you think about him picking Ian to win?

I loved that! It shows that Chilltown is not too cool for school. I love that they don’t just want people in their clique who look and act like them. It made up for some nasty things he said.

Are Shane and Frank a potential strong alliance or will they just take each other out?

Shane hasn’t popped to me yet. I’m waiting to figure out who Shane is. He needs to man up. He started to when he kind of double crossed his team. I thought, you have something going on in that head of yours. Now we have to water it and make it grow. Frank, to me, is what you see is what you get. I hope I’m wrong.

Unless Frank lets Boogie act like the superstar and then votes him out.

Oh my god, Frank would be my hero then. I just want to see hardcore game play and I haven’t seen that yet. You know what would be my dream come true? It would be like a Shakespearean tragedy. To have Boogie create this Frankenstein and then have the student exceed the master. I would love for Shane and Frank to be the new Chilltown and vote out Boogie and say ‘This is 2012. You’re the senior citizen.’ Or even better would be Blonde Ambition forming again. I would love to see the women freeze out all the boys.

To backtrack a little bit, what did you make of the whole Willie exodus?

I was shocked but I wasn’t shocked. I thought that Boogie would work his magic and form an alliance with the guy and he’d turn things around. On the other hand, it’s Big Brother and you have to expect craziness. At the end of the day I ended up feeling sorry for Willie. I don’t think what he did was right and I do think he had to be expelled. But inside the house you tend to forget it’s a game. It becomes your life. And I think Willie felt very abandoned and he looked to Britney as a kind of mother figure and she was turning her back on him and he felt very alone and acted out. The Big Brother house has a way of digging up any old insecurities and creating new ones you never knew you had. Everyone at the end of the day wants to be liked. When Willie felt like, ugh, I have no friends or supporters in this house, he probably lost it.

How much did you love seeing Frank in his ‘Julie Chen is my homegirl’ shirt?

I loved it and it’s so funny because even though I work in TV I never watch myself and then I saw that and it was like, ‘Oh, look. I’m on TV!’ I must have had this big grin on my face because my husband said to me ‘You love being a TV person’ and I just said, ‘Shut up.’