Before they compete for Olympic gold in London, we at EW decided to pit teams from various sports against each other in a lip synching face-off — a lip-off, if you will.

And the competitors are: the U.S. swimmers singing the song that just won’t die, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”; Great Britain’s divers covering LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”; and the U.S. women’s soccer team jamming to the Miley Cyrus hit “Party in the USA.”

Bronze: U.S. women’s soccer

It was a valiant effort, but the team just didn’t cut it. Their literal interpretation of the song, complete with putting their hands up, nodding their heads “like yeah,” and moving their hips “like yeah” just wasn’t creative enough to beat the competition. While some of the girls were trying a bit too hard (see their gestures of “butterflies flying away”), others weren’t trying at all. Some of them didn’t know the lyrics to the song and were moving their lips in vain.

They also shot almost the entire video in the confines of their hotel. Would it have killed them to step into a bar or club, or at least throw a hotel rager? Aside from some fun in the bathroom, the soccer stars dropped the ball on this one.

Watch the video below:

Silver: U.S. swimmers

The race between the two swim teams was neck and neck, but the U.S. team fell just short. The swimmers got brownie points for including cameos of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, but we wish the two superstars had actually participated. (Lochte did blow us a kiss though and it was glorious.) We also praise their efforts of singing anywhere and everywhere: in a car, in a bus, and the most respectable venue, in a plane. A handful of the girls from the team stood up one by one from their respective seat, danced in the aisle, and sat back down in another spot. Their willingness to make a complete fool out of themselves in front of strangers would have normally been enough to win the gold.

We also commend their underwater dancing abilities, which included the Robot, the Worm, and the Sprinkler. Despite their smooth moves, we had to dock them major points for the song choice. “Call Me Maybe,” really? Hasn’t that song been covered enough? And after Colin Powell’s lovely rendition, no one else had a chance.

Gold: U.K. divers

The divers have finally outshined the swimmers! And it’s partly because they shot their impeccably choreographed video on a sunny day at the beach. They didn’t just cram the task in between signing autographs like the swimmers or when bored in their hotel room like the soccer team. Their song choice was spot-on: “Sexy and I Know It” may be an older hit, but it fits the divers to a tee.

The video opens with a choreographed number, then cuts to Tom Daley and the gang showing off their sexiness. The guys rip off their board shorts and start booty popping and hip thrusting in their speedos. From ”tanning their cheeks” to pointing to their ripped abs when singing ”girl look at that body” to showing off the ”passion in their pants,” the diving squad hits all the right marks. Even the North Korean judge would agree.

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