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Hello from L.A. and TCA!

Team EW has been working hard to bring you all the news coming out of the left coast this week (hence the Spoiler Room Evening Edition here!), but there’s plenty of spoilery stuff from the week that I saved just for y’all! Read on for deets.

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As EW reported earlier this week, Leslie Mann is heading to New Girl. What we didn’t tell you? The very important plot point that sealed the deal. “[Mann] actually said she would do the show if she got to make out with Max Greenfield,” creator Liz Meriwether told me this past week at Fox’s TCA party. “So you may or may not get to see some amazing Max Greenfield and Leslie Mann making out in the premiere.”

Also in the season opener? Schmidt’s “re-launching” party — for his penis. “Schmidt is getting his penis cast off and he’s throwing himself a relaunching party. He’s relaunching his brand.,” she says. “There are a lot of new jokes about the way it healed.”

But director Jake Kasdan, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show, says he’s not quite ready to let that storyline go. “I’m going to miss this story. Can we re-break it? Maybe it’s a chronic injury” he joked with Meriwether. She adds: “I think that’s a good idea, actually….When I was writing [the episode] today, I was like, ‘I just want to do three more broken d–k jokes!’”

Meanwhile, did you hear Jess’ parents are coming to town?


If you missed my chat with Tony Goldwyn, click here to read that now. If you already read it, you get a gold star and have gained admission to these five scoops on Scandal’s second season, premiering Sept. 27.


A group of 100+ reporters invaded the Revenge set yesterday, and tried (mostly in vain) to lure secrets out of the cast and EP Mike Kelley. But among the chatter? A little insight into Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Ashley’s (Ashely Madekwe) relationship in the coming season, courtesy of Madekwe’s reveal that a fairly important shot was cut from the season finale. “[In] the original script, there was a shot of some clothes on the floor,” she said. “The way the clothes were shot, though, you didn’t know whose clothes they were. I think it was smart they shot it that way because it left it open. But in the end, they thought the drink was enough to hint at what would come and what might not come.”

So what will come? She’s mum. But the first episode, she said, will make the nature of Daniel and Ashley’s interactions pretty clear. “You see their relationship has developed. I’m not going to say in what vain or how, but it’s definitely developed,” she said.

Want more scoop? Here are four more bits:


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You have a choice in scoopage: either NCIS: LA, Sons of Anarchy, or Maggie on The Newsroom. – Amy

I’ll take Sons because I just saw the season opener. By the way: HOLY S–T! Damon Pope’s revenge against SAMCRO kicks off in a big way — and there will be an event that will change one member’s life forever. Meanwhile, Jax and Tara fans will enjoy the second episode. I won’t say why.

Anything on Happy Endings or Cougar Town would rock my socks. — Jayme

Prepare yourself for a very special episode (not to be confused with A Very Special Episode) of Endings. One word: Flashback! Creator David Caspe dishes: “Hopefully we will see an episode of a reality show that Max was on that didn’t air because one of the other roommates on the show killed his girlfriend. That would be my hope. So we got to see the episode that took place 10 years ago, [with] Dave and Alex together, Max and Penny together, [and] we [get to] see Brad and Jane meet.”

Any great Happy Endings scoop, especially on Dave and Alex! — Lori

You’re in luck then! Word from Caspe is that the pair is very much ON when the new season begins. “In the first episode, they are very much trying to keep it Cas[ual], as they say, to hopefully hilarious effect,” says Caspe. Adds Elisha Cuthbert: “Last year we really got to see who our characters were without being together so I think this year it’s going to be fun to visit us as a couple and what kind of craziness ensues with that…If it doesn’t work we’ll probably never do it again.” Here’s hoping Cas suits them well!

You’ve been SO great about Teen Wolf scoop, Sandra! More! More! More! — Grace

You sound a little spoiled, but let’s do this anyway, because at the Saturn Awards on Thursday night, EP Jeff Davis let this little nugget loose: there’s a death in the season finale “and it could be one of the main characters.” (BTW, check out all the Saturn Award winners here.)

I’m confused — what’s Nate planning on Leverage? — Gale

You’ll be in the dark for a while, actually. Sorry, Gale. Executive producer Dean Devlin assures us that it will “all make sense” — but only when we get to the finale. “This is a long con — as we say on Leverage,” he says with a laugh.

Leverage? Preferably on Hardison and Parker. — Leah

Actually, there’s an episode coming up that’s going to put the spotlight on Parker in a big way. Why? She runs her own con! Devlin shares: “We have an episode that’s just Parker all by herself, which really a cool episode…The idea is that Parker has been injured, and she can’t go on the con. So she’s stuck at home, and she’s bored out of her mind. And of course, her character won’t allow her to just sit around, so she creates her own drama. It’s a real fun kind of Rear Window-type of episode.”

Very specific Castle question. How much of the morning after will we see exactly? Is it alluded to or are we talking snuggleage? — Karen

I included this question mostly because I’m in love with the word snuggle-age. (I added a hyphen. Hope that’s OK.) Oh, and I believe there’s a scene that takes place in the bed. But you can’t be sure until you see the episode, which now has a premiere date! (Sept. 24)

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Nikita!! — D.

Brief and to the point. I like your style, D. Speaking of brief, that’s exactly how I would describe Michael (Shane West) and Nikita’s (Maggie Q) happiness at the start of the next season. West dished the good earlier this week at the Teen Choice Awards. “They are happy about their relationship, but then something’s going to happen to Michael that is not very positive and changes everything,” he says. “It sends him in a downward spiral for awhile…he will spend a good part of this season in a dark place.”

Would LOVE some Parenthood scoop. — Viv

Big drama ahead for Kristina and Adam — and it will have one of them seeking the help of an oncologist.

Hey Sandra, do you hate Glee? What’s with the lack of intel? — Shelly

Here’s something for you to chew on: The upcoming Year of Change on Glee has left Chris Colfer excited — even though he’s a bit in the dark about what it means for Kurt in the long term. “I don’t know if I will be on every week next season. I know that I will definitely be on it regularly, but I have not gotten the first script so I have no idea,” he says. “I am excited to see it and I am curious to see what some of us graduating will entail and how it will change the show. I’m excited to take [Kurt] for a test drive in the big city, if it goes that way.”

Hi. — Hillary

Hi. And I’m going to pretend you also wanted to Apartment 23 scoop — because who doesn’t, especially when it has to do with a DAWSON’S CREEK REUNION! Ok, before you search out your Van Der Meme for “Bawling with excitement,” let me give this some context. We brought up the on-screen reunion idea to exec producer Nahnatchka Khan, who “would love to have those guys on,” it seems unlikely. But that doesn’t mean Khan isn’t going to take the bait for a little creative fun. “We are going to address the fact that, [the fictional] James is like, ‘How come everybody keeps asking about a Dawson’s reunion? Like what is the deal with that?’ Then if those guys want to come on the show we’ll always write for them,” she says. “We’re in such a unique position to have them come on and almost do a reunion without doing one because they can play themselves. It would be great. I’d love it,” says exec producer Nahnatchka Khan. Personally, I love Krysten Ritter’s idea the best: “I’m hoping that [my love interest] is Katie Holmes.”

Is Danielle Panabaker’s new FBI agent, who I heard is going to be of importance to Sweets, going to be a recurring character on Bones? — Ed Z

There’s definitely a chance she can return. Also, “importance” is an understatement, according to what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan told me. “He’s been with Daisy a long time, and he was very young. He’s outgrowing a lot of thing,” Hanson teases. Nathan adds that the agent, who initially resents being put on assignment with a psychologist, turns out to be a good fit in the field and “there’s a little bit of chemistry there.” (Booth, by the way, “is not allowed into the field” in the episode, leading to Sweets’ temporary field agent status, Nathan says.) And after what happens in the episode, Hanson says he’s ready for a little backlash. “After 8 seasons of Bones, we know where our audience is going to come from and at what volume.”

Sandra, you can’t leave us like that. You have to tell us more about the mad bomber episode or that conference call with Hart and Stephen. That or give us that complete interview. PLEASE!? — Cassidy

The bomber is expected to show up early in the season and creator Hart Hanson describes him as “a hit man who uses bombs.” Adds executive producer Stephan Nathan, “SO much stuff blows up!”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’ll love you forever if you give us some Spoby scoop! — Angela

Per Keegan Allen, the pair will “go through a rough patch.” But what terms will they be on by the time the top-secret Halloween episode airs? He won’t say, but shared that “it is going to be such a cool episode…and it is very shocking what happens by the end of Halloween night.”

Anything on Ezria? — Sarah

Secrets will really start to unravel around episode 8, says Ian Harding. But regardless of what’s revealed, he thinks the pairing (creepy as they may be in theory, some say) is worth fighting for. “He’s all in and quite invested — despite all the tumultuous events that keep happening in town and to these girls.”

(with reporting by Adam B. Vary, Carrie Bell, and Nuzhat Naoreen.)

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