By Nuzhat Naoreen
July 27, 2012 at 10:35 PM EDT

In case you haven’t checked out the latest edition of Spoiler Room, when Happy Endings returns for season three this fall Dave and Alex will be in a full fledged—and let’s face it, probably totally dysfunctional—relationship.

If you think back to the finale—when the two locked hands while watching Mandonna rock out on stage (I mean does it get more romantic than that?)—this development shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. But, their coupling wasn’t exactly a sure thing either. After all, for a second there, it seemed like Dave might actually get with perpetually single Penny.

Which makes me wonder: Did anyone actually want Dave and Penny to end up together?

Now, it’s not like I watch Happy Endings to get my love triangle fix (that’s what The Vampire Diaries is for obviously!), but I’ll admit that I’ve always preferred Dave and Alex to Dave and Penny. The two characters play well together on-screen, whereas Penny always seemed a touch too crazy (in the best possible way) for Dave. Plus, Dave and Alex have a complicated history and loads of chemistry, which makes me all the more eager to see them back together again.

But maybe I’m the only. So tell me, do you care who Dave ends up with?

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