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July 26, 2012 at 08:08 PM EDT

Here at EW, we’re all pretty big fans of Disney’s Broadway musical Newsies (deal with it, Christian Bale!), but I don’t think anyone in the office would dare suggest that he or she is a bigger fan than me. I mean, I’m sort of obsessed.

Having grown up watching the movie, I saw the show back in April and fell in love. I proceeded to talk every one of my co-workers’ ears off about it, and then wrote a feature story on the show’s success. After that, I posted some online articles, and then, whythehecknot? I posted some more. Hey, I know what I like.

So when Disney offered me the chance to step onto the Broadway stage for a cameo performance — with a line and everything! — in Newsies for a night, I wasn’t about to say no.

Of course I documented the whole experience (well, except the initial wardrobe fitting… that would just be awkward), and you can watch it all below. Part 1 chronicles my rehearsal and “performance,” and Part 2 features backstage interviews with the cast talking about their lives on the Broadway stage. Check it out below!

Pretty awesome, right? (Well, you can judge my acting aptitude for yourself.) Fans will be pleased to know that every member of the cast and crew was gracious, helpful, and more than welcoming to little old me. “So dat’s what dey call a family,” I thought as I shuffled out of the Nederlander Theatre — feeling like the king of New York — hopped onto an abandoned horse waiting in a nearby alley, and rode off into the darkness, where I had a one-man dance rodeo by myself. (This didn’t really happen, but I wish it had.)

If you haven’t made it to the Big Apple to check out Newsies, which picked up two Tony Awards earlier this year, on Broadway, you should absolutely put it on your to-do list. Of course, you won’t see me delivering another groundbreaking, likely Tony-winning guest performance, but somehow, I don’t think you’ll mind.

Fun fact: I ate a Santa Fe salad for dinner on the night of the show. Yep. So method.

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