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Tonight’s Big Brother started with Jojo and Danielle on the block. If Jojo went home, it would leave Britney with just one player — an incredible fall from grace from just one week ago, when her protegé (newly-minted mugshot model Willie) was HoH and she had a wine-swilling blonde alliance with Janelle. If Danielle went home, it would mean the end of Dan’s time as a Coach…and, if Britney’s conspiracy theories were correct, the beginning of his journey as a player. And in the end (SPOILERS FROM HERE!!!) Jojo was sent home. Her proximity to Willie was probably her undoing, although it certainly didn’t help matters that Danielle ran a whisper campaign inside the house, telling Janelle that Jojo and Shane and a burgeoning showmance. UPDATE: My full recap is live!

That leaves Britney down to just one player. As fate would have it, though, Shane won the HoH competition, a development which promises to upend the power dynamics in the house.

The episode ended with Julie Chen announcing a curious twist: Viewers could vote to decide whether the coaches should “be offered the chance” to enter the game as normal players chasing the half million dollar prize. It feels like the Big Brother producers are basically asking viewers if they’re enjoying this season’s Coaching twist. Based on the recap comment boards, I’m betting America will vote overwhelmingly to bring the coaches into the game.

Click here for my full recap. In the meantime, start talking! Was Jojo led astray by Britney? Was Danielle making a savvy move by spreading gossip about Jojo/Shane? Or does she just want the Faux-hawked One for herself?

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