After the 2011 release of the I Am Number Four movie starring Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, plans for more films have been shelved for now — but the intergalactic saga continues on in book form. Alien-author Pittacus Lore (the pseudonym of James Frey) has written the third installment of the series, after last year’s The Power of Six. The Rise of Nine picks up where Six left off, after John Smith saved Number Nine in a perilous mission to the catacombs of the Mogadorian caves. Now, separated from the pack, John and Nine are as good as dead unless they find Six, Seven, and Eight … only they don’t know where to look. The Mogadorians captured Sam, the sole being who knew where the Loriens were to reunite. Time is running out and John’s life, his friends, and the fate of his race is on the line.

Can’t wait until The Rise of Nine comes out on Aug. 21? EW has an exclusive peek at the first five chapters. Read it below!

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