There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the so-called lesbian-werewolf movie Jack and Diane. Fans of exploitation cinema may well be howling in disappointment, but judging from the trailer, fans of innovative indie-drama will be delighted. The trailer is a clear indication that the horror elements are a minor part of this-teenagers-in love low-budget-er from helmer Bradley Rust Grey.

The film stars Juno Temple as Diane, a Brit briefly visiting NYC who quickly falls for Riley Keough’s Jack, a grungy tomboy and the pair embark on an intense relationship. The monster is a metaphysical werewolf (obviously, the worst kind of werewolf) and a mental representation of Diane’s burgeoning passion for Jack.

Check out the trailer below.

Also featuring Aussie pop-star Kylie Minogue sporting some trailer-trash tattoos, the spot is impeccably shot and definitely intriguing but for those of you wanting some lupine love, move along please nothing to see here.

Jack and Diane will come to VOD Sept. 28 and theaters on Nov. 2.

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