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The cast of HBO’s classic series The Wire is teaming up to ensure that the king stays the king.

An invitation posted to Barack Obama’s website yesterday informed supporters of the President’s re-election campaign that several stars of David Simon’s critically acclaimed look into the drug-infested streets of Baltimore will help host a fundraising event in Martha’s Vineyard on August 15.

Entry tickets can be purchased for a cool $500, while those looking to serve as part of the host committee will have to cough up $2, 500.

Obama has expressed the high regard in which he holds the series several times over the course of his first term in office, recently calling it one of the best shows of all time. In particular, the POTUS has stated a special fondness for–although as he was quick to point out, not quite an endorsement of–everyone’s favorite stick-up man, Omar Little.

ABC News has reported that Michael Kenneth Williams, who plays Little, is expected to attend (thats right, Omar coming, yo!), along with Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield), Clarke Peters (Lester Freamon), Wendell Pierce (“Bunk” Moreland), Andre Royo (“Bubbles” Cousins), and Sonja Sohn (Kima Greggs).

The event continues the trend of Obama dipping into Hollywood to garner support for his election efforts. Like you-know-who would say, “it’s all in the game, yo.”


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