July 24, 2012 at 05:03 AM EDT

I hope you don’t mind but since it’s been a busy 48 hours, I’m combining my blogs. I figure since there’s really no official blogging rules (yes, I checked) I could make up my own and so talking about the live Bachelorette finale and the premiere of Bachelor Pad in one blog is okay. Before we get to the beauty that is Pad I want to step back to Sunday night and put a bow on Emily’s season and our three-hour television event.

First of all, I absolutely loved the idea of doing the show live and creating what amounted to be one big nationwide viewing party. For me to be able to watch the show along with a live studio audience packed with fans was a thrill for me. To see it through their eyes was incredible and it reminded all of us at the Bachelor why we do this show and how much people really love it. The finale really spoke for itself so I’ll just give a few thoughts on what turned out to be one of the best seasons we’ve ever had.

That final week in Curacao was a wild one, not only because Emily decided she was choosing Jef, but because of how she decided to say goodbye to Arie. Arie is a great guy, and Emily clearly loved him and he loved her. What I found amazing — and I was glad we were able to discuss it on the live show — was how it all continued to play out after we finished taping. The fact that Arie was so in love he took it upon himself to fly to Charlotte to see Emily again speaks volumes about his feelings and his relationship with her. It really lets you know what these people are feeling and going through is real. Arie was incredibly sincere on the show. I think he handled himself well and expressed his emotions very well, but at the same time was very respectful to Emily and Jef.

Speaking of Jef, there’s not much to say about this couple that you couldn’t clearly see in their body language during the show. They love each other very much and are already off to an amazing start. Hearing the stories how Jef has spent so much time with Emily and Ricki, and how much he already loves that little girl, is amazing. Does this guarantee they will get married and stay together forever? Of course not. What they have is a great and beautiful start. They love each other very much, and have the beginning of what will hopefully be a long lasting relationship. I truly hope that it will be.

One more side note from the show Sunday night: Emily did make good on her bet with me and she did the running man! We shot it afterwards with the studio audience and I’ll let you know where you can find that online soon via Twitter.

Thank you again for making this season of The Bachelorette one of the most successful in history, and thank you for following us into Bachelor Pad. Please know that all of us at The Bachelor don’t take your loyalty and love for our show for granted, because we know it’s what keeps us going every year. Congrats to Emily and Jef. I wish you guys nothing but love and I look forward to hearing about the wedding plans very soon!

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