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Iggy Azalea is the queen of making me feel uncomfortable. She’s also been really busy, premiering both a new song and video in the days leading up to her Glory EP, out this weekend.

Today the Australian-born rapper and T.I. signee debuted “Flash,” an ultra-explicit Mike Posner-assisted booty call that unfolds over a slick R&B beat. It has the same filthy spirit as Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” but it’s a little more forthcoming with the dirty talk. “How long before you hit my exit on the freeway?/We gon’ freak and let Pandora DJ,” Iggy raps… And that’s about the only line we can publish here. (Needless to say, this is not the song to blast from your cubicle if you’re still jamming at work.)

Over the weekend Iggy also treated us to the video for “Murda Bizness,” and thankfully, she doesn’t take its themes literally (as she sometimes does in her visuals), though the song’s click-click bang-bang chorus does feel a little poorly timed, to say the least.

Instead, Iggy opted for a Toddlers & Tiaras scenario, where egos, excess, and cutthroat competition rule just as hard as they do in the club. Cocaine-referencing lyrics over shots of Iggy pushing Pixy Stix still unnerve us in the way everything about that show does, but Iggy’s probably just taking her cues from the real honey boo boo children of the world — don’t think we didn’t see that little beauty queen taking a swig of her special juice, Iggs.

If the pageant concept doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the video for her Steve Aoki collaboration, “Beatdown,” which premiered earlier this month.

It’s basically Iggy whipping her shiny blonde pony tail around in the middle of a boxing ring for four minutes. Way to play to your strengths, girl!

Watch “Murda Bizness” featuring T.I. here:

So readers, are you down with Iggy? Or should she have stayed Down Under?


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