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July 23, 2012 at 06:42 PM EDT

Movie to musical transfers are a dime a dozen, but now it seems TV shows are getting in on the singing fun.

Green Acres, the classic sitcom that aired from 1965-1971, is being developed into a musical by film production company Hemisphere Two and Richard L. Bare, who directed more than 165 episodes of the show.

Variety reports, “Bare said he has penned an initial draft of the book; Richard Chapman (“Simon and Simon”), one of the principals of Hemisphere Two, and E. Jack Kaplan are onboard to rewrite. In Bare’s draft, the storyline of the musical picks up as if it were another episode of the series. No composer, lyricist or director is yet attached to the project.”

EW reached out to Hemisphere Two, but as of press time, had not heard back.

If Green Acres: The Musical is a success, what’s next? Gilligan’s Island? Beverly Hillbillies? What TV shows do you want to see a musical version of?

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