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Well, well — it looks like Justin Bieber’s gotten himself on the cover of Rolling Stone all over again.

So, what fun new stuff is in this issue’s story that wasn’t in the one from February of last year? For one, adulthood: Bieber’s previous RS cover labeled him “Super Boy,” but this time around, he’s deemed “HOT. READY. LEGAL.”

Of course, there are plenty more awesome tidbits in the current issue’s eight-page spread, which hits newsstands today. We went ahead and rounded up our favorite ten for you below:

1. Bieber has his initials, “J.B.,” spelled out in crystal studs on the dashboard of his Range Rover.

2. He’s pretty sure he doesn’t have to pay for gas when he’s in Canada because “I’m actually part Indian. I think Inuit or something? I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.”

3. He still has the red heart-shaped 3D glasses he snagged from the premiere of Katy Perry’s concert doc Part of Me.

4. He ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast and a Big Mac with an Oreo McFlurry for lunch in the same day.

5. Bieber seems to prefer Jay Leno over David Letterman: “Such a nice guy,” he said of Leno on the day of his most recent Tonight Show appearance. “Last time, he brought my mom flowers. Letterman doesn’t do that.”

6. As the lyrics to “Boyfriend” suggest, Bieber has had fondue before — “not the cheese kind,” he says, but the “chocolate kind with, like, strawberries and stuff.” Says Bieber, “Who eats the cheese kind unless you’re old and from Paris?”

7. He knows all about the nickname that his fans have given his genital area: “It’s Jerry.”

8. He used to fall asleep to Metallica’s “Fade to Black.”

9. While he feels like he carries himself “in a more manly way” than before, when he was a boy, the 18-year-old still marvels at his maturity. “I could have a child right now. That’s nuts.” (Bieber’s parents were both 18 when he was born.)

10. He is an attentive boyfriend: “I make sure to do the little things, like noticing when they get their hair done or when they change their nail color. Also saying things all the time — like, ‘You’re very pretty,’ ‘You’re gorgeous,’ things like that.”

And because the story’s so good, we’re throwing in a bonus fact about the leader of the free world!

11. When Bieber met with President Obama in the White House last Christmas, he greeted him with, “What up, my dude!” instead of the standard “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. President.” Obama returned the love by replying, “What up, Biebs!”

Needless to say, there’s more where that came from. Pick up the story in the current issue of Rolling Stone and come back to let us know your favorite part.


Part of Me
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