George Michael is happy to be alive. After a nasty bout with pneumonia, the 49-year-old former Wham! star bounced back heartily, and now has a new music video to show for it.

The clip is for the single “White Light,” whose lyrics include lines like “I’m back/Prouder than ever, baby” and “Was it music that saved me?/Or the way that you prayed for me?/Guess either way, I thank you/I’m alive.”

As for the visuals, there’s a lot going on: shots of IV drips and hospital beds, avian imagery, dancing, a zebra, and supermodel Kate Moss. Yes, you read all that correctly. Watch it all go down in the video below:

So what’d you think? If you liked it, there’s more on the way: Michael said in a recent interview with BBC 2 that he’s got a whole album of this stuff in the works. “So far I’m thrilled with it,” he said of the new material. “It’s the most directly commercial record I’ve made since Faith. It’s not necessarily my best — I think that Older is my favorite record — but the songs I’ve written in the last 20 years haven’t slapped you in the face with their hooks.”

So, readers — are you excited to have George Michael slap you in the face again? Sound off in the comments.