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At the star-studded premiere of Dark Knight Rises last night (check out a compilation of live-stream footage here) the stars were ready to talk about the final film in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy — but they were tight-lipped as far as plot specifics. (No big details are given away, but for those that want to remain totally spoiler free, here is your SPOILER ALERT!)

Gary Oldman, who plays police commissioner Gordon in the films, told EW when asked about the ending, “It packs an emotional punch, this one,” Oldman said. “And it’s got hope. [Dark Knight wasn’t so hopeful.] But we still had another one to make. [This one] has got a nice, uplifting theme to it.”

Christian Bale agreed with Oldman’s assessment of the tone. He told EW, “There’s a lot of complexities to it.” But as to whether or not Dark Knight Rises would feel different from Dark Knight, Bale didn’t want to distinguish. “I kind of feel like [the trilogy] is one movie anyway,” he said.

Oldman and Bale may be old hands at their characters by now, but Tom Hardy, who’ll play the villain Bane in this installment, talked to EW about how he found the bad guy within: “I tried to think of lots of things that hadn’t been done before,” Hardy said. “There’s a certain element of comparison to Darth Vader, but I actually chose Bartley Gorman [as inspiration]…. I know that he’s Latino-based, Bane. And Chris’ take on Bane is always, like any Batman character is slightly [different], not on the nose. So what I wanted to do was honor the fans in one way, and then at the same time bring something new into it. So I came with trying to find the body of a very physical man, and the voice of an older man, and we found this Romani gypsy called Bartley Gorman, [a] bare-knuckled fighter that we based upon.”

Joining Hardy at the newbie table were Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway, who both talked up the ending to the trilogy. Gordon-Levitt, who said it was “an honor” to be in the film, shared with EW, “Dark Knight Rises really is the end. And that’s nice — it’s not just another sequel to make more money. It’s the end.” Hathaway was more direct when asked what she thought fan response would be to the final moments. She said with a huge grin, “Oh, they’re going to f—ing love it!”

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