By Mandi Bierly
July 16, 2012 at 07:20 PM EDT
Kevork Djansezian/WireImage

There were probably many friendly Twitter feuds over True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello over the weekend, but none as entertaining as the one that erupted between Parks and Recreation‘s Retta (who’s long expressed her appreciation for the actor during her live-tweet viewings of the show), Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown, and The Help‘s Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. Enjoy it below. Manganiello eventually responds in an attempt to restore peace. 

Nah, not really b/c Joey & I know what we have. And yeah "Joey" 'cause that's where WE'RE at. Nicknames. @yvettenbrown @joemanganiello

Oh Vette. Joey & I are just lying here giggling a/b your tweets. He says hi btw. Said it was nice meeting u. @yvettenbrown @joemanganiello

Joey thinks u girls r so funny. He loves our friendship. Off to pick out our new bed. Kisses. @octaviaspencer @yvettenbrown @joemanganiello

@octaviaspencer Your feed is KILLING ME!!!!!!

@octaviaspencer @unfoRETTAble @joemanganiello "J" asked me to tell you two to stop making more of your friendships with him. #GetItTogether!

@unfoRETTAble @octaviaspencer @joemanganiello Yeah, he tweets that to all his fans. Even the "stalker" ones. Again #GetItTogether!

@octaviaspencer Don't @yvettenbrown @unfoRETTAble know you & @joemanganiello go waaay back? Y'all were in Spiderman 2gether! IT'S LIKE THAT!

@unfoRETTAble Got nothing but love for u & @octaviaspencer @yvettenbrown @joemanganiello. Not trying 2 start nuthin! Just stating a fact. ;)

@yvettenbrown @unfoRETTAble @octaviaspencer @joemanganiello Excuse me. I'mma let the grown-ups talk & sort it out amongst themselves ;) ♥♥♥

@yvettenbrown @unfoRETTAble @joemanganiello I'm going to bed now & I better not c u in my dreams, Joe. Vette & Retta, IT'S ON! #catfight

@joemanganiello @yvettenbrown @unforettable Joe, know that ur the best thing that never happened to me! LOL #congratsonallyoursuccess baby!

@joemanganiello @octaviaspencer @yvettenbrown Uuuhh have u SEEN u? Someone would get hurt tryna get @ the goods. #AndNoNotMe #SoloArtist

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