July 16, 2012 at 04:48 PM EDT

Fans of Green Day, prepare to have your cup continuously runnething over for the next six months or so. The band already announced that they will be releasing three albums between September and January, and now we have the first single from the group’s epic project.

“Oh Love,” the first track to emerge from Uno! (out Sept. 25), is a choppy midtempo jam that recalls the ambling power pop of the group’s pre-concept album turn-of-the-century stuff (if you said this was a track rescued from the Warning sessions, people would believe you).

Give it a spin below:

Billie Joe Armstrong is 40 now, and yet he still manages to carry off that breezy sneer as well as he did on the band’s breakout 1994 Dookie. He’s one of the few dudes from the punk revival who has managed to age both gracefully and vitally. Who would have thought they guy who sang “When masturbation’s lost its fun/ You’re f—ing breaking” would still be making sonically interesting music in 2012?

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