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When I spoke to Once Upon A Time executive producers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’S Comic-Con preview a few weeks ago, they promised that they were going to take “all the toys off the shelf this year.” They weren’t kidding. At the panel on Saturday, they announced that Captain Hook would be coming to Storybrooke in season 2 (along with possibly Henry’s father?). The news comes on the heels of two big casting announcements for Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, as well as the promotion of Emilie de Ravin, who plays Belle, to a series regular.

So what else can fans expect when the fairy tale saga—which left us with a pretty mind-blowing first season finale—picks up this fall? Well, according to the exec producers, the first few episodes will not disappoint (you can read some specific teasers from the Comic-Con panel here).

Still have an appetite for more? Here’s some extra scoop I got when I spoke to the EPs for a season two preview a few weeks ago. Keep reading to hear Kitsis and Horowitz give their take on…

The impact of magic on Storybrooke:

KITSIS: “Magic as we know always comes with a price and we are introducing it to a world where it has never been before and I think that’s going to have unpredictable results. It’s going to affect everybody this season because that’s what’s more fun.”

Everyone’s memories returning:

KITSIS “I think the thing that we are really excited about is the fact that not only is magic in Storybrooke but everybody knows who they are. I think that is going to enable us to really dig deeper into the characters, now that they can actually deal with all the issues in their life and their past and their future.”

HOROWITZ: “One of the things that’s interesting to us to explore is this notion that just because the memories have returned does not mean that the past 28 years did not happen. Those memories, the Davids, the Mary Margaret, the Mr. Golds, all those people, who they were existed and what they did actually happened and those are the things that will have to be dealt with.”

Whether viewers will still see flashbacks:

HOROWITZ: “What we can say is that the show will continue to move between two worlds as we’ve done since the start. Some of the ways we do that may change or evolve but we will be in Storybrooke and in fairy tale land.”

KITSIS: “The show, season two, it’s going to grow and we have a lot of new and fun ideas but it’s not going to be a completely different show than the one that people enjoyed in season one.”

Snow White and Prince Charming realizing that Emma is their daughter:

KITSIS: “I think that’s what’s interesting is that you have 28 years lost. Other than the fact that they’re all the same age, they’re going to have to deal with the emotional implications, such as their daughter has grown up. They missed out on the baby and the toddler and getting the teenager and all those years. At the same time, Emma’s a character who’s always wanted to find her parents and I have a feeling that when she thought about the day it would happen she didn’t think it would be Snow White and Prince Charming and [that they would] be the same age as her.”

The Queen:

HOROWITZ: “…There’s certainly a lot of pent up animosity toward the Queen for what she did but how things play out we hope is a little bit surprising because there are some wild card elements we’re looking forward to unveiling.”

The Rumpelstiltskin/Belle relationship:

KITSIS: “As far as the romance, I think personally if I were a fan of the show I would look forward to seeing what happens with Rumpel and Belle. I would be very upset if we didn’t.”

HOROWITZ: “We certainly want to deal with that story. How we’re going to do it we’ll let you know when we let you know.”

Now that you’ve heard from the exec producers, share your theories on what’s head for the residents of Storybrooke in the comments below! Also, make sure to keep checking this weekend for more news from Comic-Con.

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