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Updated July 15, 2012 at 08:09 AM EDT
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There are a million cable reality TV shows, but very few get any love at Comic-Con. And none attract the same level of fandom worship as Mythbusters, which just packed Ballroom 20 for a fun session. Discovery Channel just presented the new fall trailer to the crowd and it looks great. Want to see it? It’s right here! First let’s get to the sneak peek, and then we have some details from the panel.

Looks like they’re testing the Titanic “two people can’t fit on one floating door” myth?

And is that the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom bridge climax being tested? No, I’m told it’s from Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger (they couldn’t find a space big enough to stage the Temple of Doom stunt).

There is, however, another Indy-related stunt that the team would love to do: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull‘s infamous nuke-the-fridge stunt. “The Indiana Jones refrigerator myth is not one we’re going to do anytime soon,” Adam Savage said. “If some country re-stars a surface nuclear testing program, we will be there — with our fridge.”

Another myth the team wants to test: Can you survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel? (Insurance company won’t let them).

Some upcoming myths being tested including a rocket-powered surfboard and a motorcycle that rides on water.

“I was just thinking recently about getting a real roadrunner and trying to catch him,” Savage says.

The team was asked what are their favorite all-time myths that they’ve taken on. Tory Belleci mentions the rocket surfboard: “This crazy hillbilly strapped rockets to his surfboard … Let’s just say I’m okay” Kari Byron: “Generally I enjoy torturing the boys… I like for Shark Week I got to throw them both in the water and chum the water.” Jamie Hyneman: “It’s whatever the latest one is… I still can’t beat the first episode we did with Rocket Car. Grant Imahara: “The nitrogen canon … that flipped a car over… to simulate James Bond’s ejector seat.” Savage: “We replicated the Speed bus turn a few years ago.”

Mythbusters returns this fall.

UPDATE: Want to see Adam Savage’s Comic-Con costumes? Those are here.


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