Clone Wars Comic Con Exclusive 2

In March’s season finale, Star Wars: The Clone Wars served up a canon-rewriting revelation: Darth Maul was alive, if not particularly well. Okay, he was a raving lunatic, having been driven mad over losing his legs to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber on Naboo. In place of those severed limbs, his Dark Side rage had sprouted spider legs from his torso. If you watched last season, you know it was one of the creepier things we’ve ever seen in the franchise.

Well, you can’t keep a bad Sith down, it seems. After being rescued by his brother, Savage Opress, Maul regained his wits and a fancy new pair of metallic legs thanks to Mother Talzin’s Nightsister magic. Just like that, he was back in fighting form and even ready for a rematch with Obi-Wan. Guess what? Maul won. Or at least forced the Jedi Master to retreat. When we last saw the tattooed Sith, he vowed not to chase after Kenobi but, rather, make such a ruckus in the galaxy that the Jedi would be forced to come to him…on his own turf.

Now EW’s got your first look at Maul and Savage slashing their way through season 5. Check out this exclusive video, which just played at The Clone Wars‘ Comic-Con panel but is making its online debut right here, after the break:

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