July 14, 2012 at 10:09 PM EDT

Family Guy‘s next road trip episode will take Brian and Stewie to….

Las Vegas! At the Fox hit’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, the team revealed several storylines for the upcoming season. The latest “Road to…” episode will have the duo teleporting to Sin City. Except something goes wrong with the machine and Brian and Stewie get cloned. One pair has the best time possible time in Las Vegas, the other two have the worst possible time. The episode will air as the show’s season finale next May.

Other upcoming plots: The family buys a farm, where Peter becomes a meth dealer. Quagmire accidentally marries a hooker. The Griffins become a Nielsen family, steal a bunch of the measurement company’s monitoring boxes, and Peter thereby influences TV programming to become what he wants it be — destroying it in the process. Also: Stewie and Brian accidentally reverse the direction of time, so they end up having to relive famous Family Guy moments in reverse. Chris gets mad at parents and moves in with pedophile Herbert. Quipped creator Seth MacFarlane: “How far into our 30s do we all need to get before this stops being f–king cute?”

MacFarlane said there’s no more full-episode movie parodies currently planned like the team’s Star Wars spoofs. He also confirmed that his Fox Flintstones animated series project remains “on hold” for the time being. “We don’t know when its going to happen — next year, next 5 years. There’s no exact schedule.”

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