Wolk talks about his roles on ''Happy Endings'' and ''Political Animals''

By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated July 13, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

The buzz leading up to the debut of Fox’s 2010 drama Lone Star was undeniable, with critics praising everything from its compelling premise (a Texas con man lives a double life, complete with two wives) to the show’s cast — and particularly James Wolk, a then-25-year-old actor taking on his first leading TV role. Then the ratings came in. ”[It was like] we had all shown up to the spaceship launch, there was the ‘3, 2, 1’ count…and for some reason the spaceship didn’t launch,” he recalls. Following Lone Star‘s cancellation after two episodes, Wolk bounced back from the disappointment with a steady stream of work, including arcs on Shameless and Happy Endings. ”Like most good things, it came out of nowhere,” Wolk says of the Happy Endings gig, where he played Max’s (Adam Pally) perfect-in-every-way boyfriend, Grant. His latest character, political scion Douglas on USA’s Political Animals, also seems pretty perfect, but Wolk says that’s not necessarily the case. ”He has a real capacity for darkness, and he’s ambitious — sometimes ruthlessly so.” Though there are just six episodes slated, USA could continue the series if the demand is there. ”When you love working on something,” says Wolk, ”you hope people say, ‘We want more.”’