Lately we've been noticing fictional characters who share names with celebrities. Whether you consider this device a fun distraction or a total annoyance, here are some famous monikers that have invaded novelists' imaginations.

By Stephan Lee
July 13, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Nick Carter

Rob Reid pays homage to him in Year Zero, but it’s hard picturing the BSB heartthrob as a lawyer.

Sandra Bullock

A dead ringer for the Oscar winner is nicknamed ”Sandra Bullock” in This Is Your Captain Speaking.

John Wayne

A tennis hotshot in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest calls himself John ”No Relation” Wayne.

Dakota Fanning

Hipster scribe Tao Lin named the leading lady in his novel Richard Yates after the young starlet.

Sammy Davis Jr.

Jonathan Safran Foer named a border collie Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. in Everything Is Illuminated.