Terry Crews will play a bodyguard on ''The Newsroom'' later this month

By Lynette Rice
July 13, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

For a guy who would have been happy keeping his job as a security officer, Terry Crews has enjoyed a pretty impressive run in Hollywood. This year marks his busiest yet, from playing Will McAvoy’s (Jeff Daniels) bodyguard on the HBO drama The Newsroom (he first appears July 29) to reprising his role as the ripped Hale Caesar in The Expendables 2 (out Aug. 17). In between he’ll compete on the NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes (debuting Aug. 13), and his successful TBS comedy Are We There Yet? hits the syndication market with new episodes this fall. ”I’ve been a utility player,” says Crews, 43, who broke out on the UPN comedy Everybody Hates Chris and had a memorable cameo as a frustrated boot-camp trainer in last year’s Bridesmaids. ”I came into this business behind the scenes. I was doing security and I was happy. Then a friend invited me to an audition, and I’ve been acting ever since.” But even after getting to work with the military on Stars Earn Stripes and returning to the Expendables set with Sylvester Stallone, Crews is most proud of his work on Newsroom. ”I like the fact that I’m in uncharted territory,” he says. ”You really don’t see big and muscular in an Aaron Sorkin piece. Never been done!”