By Sandra Gonzalez
July 13, 2012 at 10:45 PM EDT
Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Bones may have had a small panel of only three people, but they proved quantity doesn’t equal quantity. Read a rundown of the fun that went down during the Bones panel in Ballroom 20.

The Panel: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan

The Big Revelations: Many! Here’s a rundown:

Dancing king? An undercover episode is being planned that will find Booth ballroom dancing! “Will I be wearing a tight, shiny, one-piece suit?” Boreanaz asked, mildly concerned.

Cam’s (not so new) love: Cam’s getting a boyfriend — and it’s someone we know! “[It will be someone] who will be very interesting to see her with,” says Nathan.

Hacker Christopher Pelant will stick around for much of the season. “Pelant will be a cloud that hangs over them,” says Nathan.

Booth’s mom Booth’s family will be explored “a little more,” says Nathan. “I think it’s time to see his mother.”

Will we ever see THAT night? It doesn’t sound like there are plans to flash back to the night Bones and Booth first slept together, but Nathan said separation might bring them close together once again. “They’ve been apart for three months, who knows?” Meanwhile, Boreanaz joked that he’s disappointed that his recommendation for the pair’s first encounter was not taken. “I wanted to put her up on the washing machine and just go at it. I had change for a dollar!” he joked.

Bones on the run: The new season will pick up three months after the season finale, but it’s likely that Booth hasn’t spent all that time twiddling his thumbs. “At this point everyone’s patience is very, very thing,” said Nathan, who wouldn’t share the details of Bones’ time on the run. All the shared? “It’s a big reveal.”

Footage Screened: A HOT sizzle reel, that you might be able to check out very soon here on UPDATE: See it below!

Least Incisive Audience Question: The Joss Whedon fan who “slept on the curb” to ask about getting Boreanaz to collaborate with Whedon again. “The experiences I had on the show were great….we’ll see. You guys keep pushing and maybe that’ll happen one day.”

The Winner of the Panel: David Boreanaz because he knows how to get a rise out of the crowd. Between proposing an Angel movie, to talk of washing machine sex, to bashing The Vampire Diaries. (“Everyone carries around a diary? I’m confused. ‘Oh, I made love to a vampire night last night.’)