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You don’t have to wait for the seventh season of Dexter to learn how Debra reacts to last season’s twist ending.

You can watch it right here and now. Showtime just screened the first two minutes of the upcoming season, which picks up right after Debra walks in on her brother murdering a serial killer. Here’s the big moment, and below there’s some insight from the cast.

So the first question for the cast during the show’s Comic-Con panel was: Is Debra really going to buy that story?

Star Michael C. Hall says that Dex certainly hopes she will.

Of course, Debra is discovering her brother’s murder right after realizing she has non-brotherly feelings for him — a character move that annoyed many fans. Actress Jennifer Carpenter hinted the show might use Deb discovering Dex’s secret to veer slightly away from that choice a bit.

“There was always a certain fascination, I thought, that Deb had for Dexter … a pull,” she says. “It didn’t feel like it was so bizarre to play that last season … it makes some sort of sense… [but] I think that the stabbing trumps those thoughts.”

The theme this season, according to executive producer Scott Buck: “What are the consequences of love.”

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