NBC’s new J.J. Abrams drama Revolution?

It’s just like Jericho. No, wait, it’s like Terra Nova. No — The Walking Dead! Or is it FlashForward?

Fans at Comic-Con who watched NBC’s big new drama pilot — about a blackout that takes out all electronic devices — only agreed on one thing: It reminded them of another apocalyptic TV show.

First, here’s an outright rave review: “It was awesome,” says Erin, 27, visiting the San Diego fan event from Arizona. “Really entertaining. I liked the fight scenes.”

Now here’s the rest:

“It was all right, it reminded me a lot of Jericho,” says Papool, 33, visiting the San Diego fan event from Dallas. “I’m not 100 percent sold. I want to see where it’s heading … I’m worried it’s going to be too much like FlashForward. If it’s all about exploring what happened and if there’s a conspiracy, I’ll just think, ‘Lame.'”

“I liked it,” said Amy, 39, San Diego. “I liked the way it ended. I’m not too fond of the angst-y teens who do stupid things. I do like the sword fighting — the fighting scenes were fabulous — and I like the supporting cast.”

At the screening Warner Bros. gave out this Revolution button. Get it, it’s an Off Button![/caption]

Yet Michelle, 25, Alabama, was a fan of the young lead played by Tracy Spiridakos. “I really liked the young girl, she’s fierce and strong,” she says, though adds: “I’m worried it’s trying too hard to be The Walking Dead.”

“It’s like Terra Nova,” declares Angel, 25, Tuscon. “It’s only 15 years into the future and it looks like 100 years have gone by. I wanted to like it. If I hear it gets better [after the pilot] I’ll watch it.”

Personally, I enjoyed Revolution a bit more than these viewers did — thought I also really liked most of the shows they’re comparing them to (never got into FlashForward).

Finally, Dan, 25, from Indiana, says: “We’re excited. I just hope it’s not another J.J. Abrams failure. I hope it doesn’t fall apart after the first season.”

You mean it’s just like…?

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